First Name :   dominique
website :   dominique
Comment :   thank you for sharing your beautiful work I wiil make a rug one day and that will be heavenly gift to my self to share with every one I hope that i will meet youone day
First Name :   Donna
website :   dmaemarshall2007@yahoo,com`
Comment :   I loved all of your felted stuff!!! Very inspirational for me! I am trying to make rugs from recyled wool sweaters. My current project is piecing together strips of heavy felted sweaters to make a runner, its for my own use so I am experimenting as
First Name :   Mariana
website :
Comment :   Hello! Im not sure how I arrived at your website, but Im very glad I did. What a source of information! Im fairly new in the felting world, just under a year, and I am mostly self taught so i absorve any type of information I can find. Ive been very inter
First Name :   Aunt Karen
website :   
Comment :   Hello Lorna, I just came upon your cite via Grandma...It is wonderful, enjoyed reading and looking at the variety of things you design and make...You sure inherited that from our side of the family....Good job and keep it up. Maybe see you at Thanksgivin
First Name :   Elizabeth
website :
Comment :   I stumbled on your site by mistake, oh serendipity! You make such lovely things. Thanks for sharing you craft.
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