First Name :   Brian
City, State :   Orlando, FL
Email (Optional) :   
Date :   1/15/09
Comments :   I have seen about 3 or 4 weeks of this show on VHS...sort of reminds me of Dark Shadows, but not as atmospheric. Still, I am open to seeing more shows to form a more educated opinion.

First Name :   rick scoville
City, State :   mt. holly n.j
Email (Optional) :
Date :   jan 5. 2009
Comments :   i like to know when the book will come out, i have some episodes on dvd......

First Name :   Glenn
City, State :   Springfield, MissouriG
Email (Optional) :
Date :   December 28 2008
Comments :   

First Name :   Curt
City, State :   Birmingham, AL
Email (Optional) :
Date :   11/28/08
Comments :   Congratulations on your wonderful website! We SP fans owe you a debt of gratitude. Please keep up the good work.

First Name :   Dan Demianiw
City, State :   Mesa,AZ
Email (Optional) :
Date :   11-27-2008
Comments :   Looking for photos of Sylvia Feigel From Strange Paradise.Please let me know who to contact about it. Thanks, Dan....Fan of the show

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