Name :   Laura Karczewski
email: :
Comment :   Wow! Very impressive.
Name :   Ralph Scott
email: :
Comment :   Maxwell Smart Double Agent says Hi!
Name :   Doni Ulman
email: :
Comment :   Hi Alison, thanks for telling me about your web site. Just took a look see and love Mickey and Doozer. Good luck with Mickey. Talk with you again soon...
Name :   Jason
email: :
Comment :   Alison- Maverick is doing fantastic - my two daughters absolutely love him. We paid a visit to the vet this morning and he received a clean bill of health. Our vet did compliment you and your efforts with Maverick saying the breeder did a terrific job
Name :   Peggy Jackson
email: :
Comment :   That pic is great of Dizzie, that should make ya proud, it was a lot of fun showing her and Doozer, just wished I could have won for ya.
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