Name* :   Thomas Barry
E-mail :
Location :   Waterloo, ON
Your Message* :   Went to QC from 1974 to 1979.
Name* :   Khalid Raheem
E-mail :
Location :   Toronto, Canada
Your Message* :   Went to QC from 1967-74. Trying to locate any classmates from 1B who started in 67 with me.
Name* :   Frank Denbow
E-mail :
Location :   United States
Your Message* :   Looking to make contact with 2 of my classmates from 1C 1967 who I have been told are in Canada.Stephen Sagar and Jaidat Rai.
Name* :   Mohamed S. Zafar
E-mail :
Location :   Scarborough ON
Your Message* :   Thnx for such a nice initiative in partnering with BHS, SJHS,SRHS, and SSC alumni. I am a lawyer in Guyana and also live here. Plse contact me re any get togethers. I am planning to attend the Centennial College, Progress campus June 23rd Guyanas Independ
Name* :   Glenn Fraser
E-mail :
Location :   Halifax
Your Message* :   Hi all. I was at QC from 1974 to 1976. Loved my time in Guyana. Glenn
E-mail :
Location :   mississauga
Name* :   Charles Cambridge, Ph.D.
E-mail :
Location :   Chico, California
Your Message* :   Fellow QC Alumni we are currently recruiting engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and construction management professionals to work in Botswana. Please kindly e-mail your CV. Regards and best wishes.
Name* :   Rudy A. S. Gafur
E-mail :
Location :   Scxarborough
Your Message* :   Kehmal, Keep up the fine work. Regards. Rudy
Name* :   Teishu Singh-Lootawon
E-mail :
Location :   Toronto, Canada
Your Message* :   Great website! Congratulations to the person who initiated it. Looking for friends went to QC from 1978-1981 and also from 1983 -1985 Drop me a line anyone who know me.
Name* :   Cyril Bryan
E-mail :
Location :   Barbados/ Toronto
Your Message* :   Congratulations on an excellent website and informative newsletters. It takes a lot of effort to produce up-to-date information for your readers. Keep up the good work!
Name* :   Ozzie Johnson
E-mail :
Location :   Burnsville, Minnesota
Your Message* :   Its great to learn about this web site, and get information about the QC Alumni Association. I attended Queens from 1960 - 1963 (from Cambridge Academy), and would love to reconnect with old classmates, and friends. Anyone knowing the wherabouts of Dougie
Name* :   Rafarz
E-mail :   Alli
Location :
Your Message* :   Hi folks hope you are having a good time and raising the flag of Reginae Collegnium wherever you are. Hope someone from 80-85 remembers me- from Enmore boys! I was at the QC booth during last lap and when I said to the guy that Im looking for folks
Name* :   Cyntia Pedro
E-mail :   Cyntiapebbles
Location :   South Carolina U.S.A.
Your Message* :   Hi...... Just want to give a shout to the pupils and staff of Queens Collage. Especially to 2c and Mrs. Jervis.
Name* :   nicholas oswald
E-mail :
Location :   miami,FL
Your Message* :   would like to say hello to all my fellow Q.C individuals. they say that high school days is the best and they were right... take it easy
Name* :   Leslie Dookhan
E-mail :
Location :   Toronto,Canada
Your Message* :   I really enjoyed reading all the articles/updates on this website. as an old student of QC it was a revival of pleasant memories. Keep up the good work and I will continue reading.
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